We have completed our transition to a broadcast frequency of 57Mhz, and are running at full power again.  If you are having trouble picking us up over-the-air, you probably need to focus on your antenna.

Our new assigned frequency is considered to be LOW-VHF.  Many smaller antennas, including the small HD panel antennas that are designed to sit on a bookshelf or attach to a window from inside your house, will have trouble picking up our frequency.  You will be much better served with an outdoor antenna, and generally, the larger, the better.

You can still do this in an inexpensive manner.  We have been testing some antennas, and although we cannot guarantee any particular antenna will work in your location, there are a few things to note.

  1. You need an antenna that can actually pick up our frequency.  You can check this on the specification sheets for antennas, or on the manufacturer’s website.  The illustration below is for a Channel Master antenna that we have used and is able to pick up WGGS TV in a variety of locations.

2. The size of the antenna is important.  You will have more success with antennas that have long horizontal poles.  These are helpful in picking up Low-VHF freqencies.

3. Orientation is important.  You will want to have the long, horizontal poles on your antenna perpendicular to a line drawn from your house toward Paris Mountain, in Greenville, SC.

4. Height is your friend.  If you are not the immediate vicinity of Greenville, SC, you will definitely get the best reception with an outdoor antenna, as high as you can get it.  Rooftop or chimney mounts are ideal.  Many people have success with a large antenna mounted inside in the attic of their houses.  Outdoors is best, but we realize that some neighborhoods have HOA rules or there may be other circumstances which prevent you from mounting a large antenna outside. We have had success with these antennas from Channel Master when using them outdoors on a pole at least 10 feet above ground level.  These are smaller antennas, and we would always recommend getting the largest one you can manage.


The STEALTHtenna seems to be picking up 57Mhz even though it is not listed as being capable of such on the spec sheet from the manufacturer.  We are not sure why.