12:00 AM Somebody’s Gotta Praise Joseph Prince
12:30 Leon Fontaine Various Michael Youssef Access 360 Joel Osteen Various
1:00 Various Various Various Jay Sekulow Greg Laurie Amazing Facts Gaither Gospel
1:30 Praise Greg Laurie Various Christine Caine Worship w/Binions Various Various
2:00 Various Various Jewish Voice Bethel Presents Various The Watchman
2:30 Various Various Various Various Elevation Worship Main Stage Various
3:00 Praise D. James Kennedy Praise Gospel Worship
3:30 Various Xtreme Life
4:00 Various Various Various Christine Caine Various Various Why Israel Matters
4:30 Greg Laurie Various Various Access 360 Various Taking Care/Bus. Various
5:00 Various Paid Programming Shepherd’s Chapel
5:30 Skip Heitzig Joseph Prince
6:00 Hope for Today Beverly Exercise
6:30 Oasis Ministries Bible Discovery On the Move
7:00 In Search/Lord’s Way Through the Bible with Les Feldick Hiring America
7:30 D.James Kennedy Gospel Truth with Andrew Wommack Real Green
8:00 Truth for Today Nite Line Paid Programming
8:30 Robert Jeffress Paid Programming
9:00 Paid Programming Small Town Big Deal
9:30 Christian Worship Hr. Ellison Media Concepts of Faith Daily Faith Concepts of Faith Choose Life Empower Your Body
10:00 Paid Programming Enjoying Everyday Life with Joyce Meyer Cooking w/Mrs. O
10:30 Love a Child Joseph Prince Great Am. Gospel
11:00 Joel Osteen Life Today with James Robison Outdoors w. Joey Mines
11:30 Tomorrow’s World Jesse Duplantis Paid Programming Ellison Media A Study in the Word Lifestyle Magazine Lindner’s Outdoor
Noon Pastor Benny Presents The 700 Club Somebody’s Gotta
12:30 Paid Programming Paid Programming
1:00 1st Baptist Columbia The Peggy Denny Show Texas Country Gospel
1:30 Know the Cause with Doug Kaufmann
2:00 Ellison Media Paid Programming Gaither Homecoming
2:30 IFCJ Rick Renner Ministries
3:00 Keys to Kingdom Liv. The Jim Bakker Show Harmony Road
3:30 Grace and Truth Paid Programming
4:00 Nothing’s/Hard for God Gospel Bill Auto B. Good Biz Kids Scaly Adventures Ellison Media DHG Classics
4:30 Lloyd Morgan Live Life & Win Veggietales Animal Rescue Tween You and Me Paid Programming Great Am. Bluegrass
5:00 Turning Point Anchor Today Great Big World Gaither Homecoming Made in Hollywood The Doctor Mitch Show Paid Programming
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6:00 IFCJ Just Call Me Sarah Paid Programming Billy Graham Paid Programming Paid Programming Main Stage
6:30 Empowered to Achieve Help From the Hills Berean Endeavor IFCJ Paid Programming SkyWatch TV Josh & Ashley
7:00 Midnight Cry The Place/Miracles Huckabee Voice of Calvary In Touch New Jerusalem
7:30 Love a Child Prophecy Watchers Lloyd Morgan In His Word
8:00 Prayer and Share Nite Line Good News
8:30 Time for Hope Gospel Music USA
9:00 Faith at Work Down Home Gospel
9:30 Ellison Media Pure Gold IFCJ SC Conversations Manna Fest IFCJ
10:00 IFCJ Discovering God Better Together Gospel Worship The Watchman TBN Special Presentations John Ankerberg
10:30 Robert Morris Love Speaks Christine Caine Elevation Worship Why Israel Matters Nothing’s/Hard for God
11:00 1st Baptist North Spartanburg Praise Praise Steven Furtick Praise Good Mood, Good Food
11:30 The Watchman Relentless Faith