Sundays 6:30AM

Pastor Anthony is a man that loves all people. Every soul matters; not just the redeemed, but those with a life scarred by sin. Anthony and Shelia Wynn are motivated by the understanding that time is swiftly passing, and one must not become at ease when so many souls are lost and families are broken. Modern technology has made it possible to reach not only the local area, but around the world to proclaim that Jesus still saves, heals, and delivers.

Since 2005, Oasis Ministries has grown from being aired on one station to being broadcasted over 120 times weekly. Oasis Ministry is played in over 40 states and 47 nations. A special thank you to Micah Wynn, Oasis Ministries Office Manager, and the Oasis Team for their dedication and countless hours of hard work. It would be impossible for Pastor Anthony and Shelia to fulfill their vision to reach souls worldwide without Micah and the Oasis Team. Pastor Anthony and Shelia have a fervent desire to win souls to the Kingdom of God and to encourage Christians to guard their burden for the lost.