The Dove Broadcasting Missions department is a local institution with a worldwide outreach. Each year we support a network of summer camps and ministry outreach programs in Bulgaria.

Bulgarian Missions Project

View our Telly Award winning documentary showing some of the problems and needs of people and children in rural Bulgaria, and the work that we are supporting to help bring about a change for the better.

For the past two years, Dove Broadcasting has partnered with Cornett Ministries and Hope Restored Bulgaria to spread awareness about the cause in Bulgaria, and support both financially and with prayer the continuing work there. Tim and Betty Cornett have been working in Bulgaria for 25 years: planting churches, ministering, and supporting initiatives for youth, and now their daughter Tina is forging ahead to break new ground. Her Hope Restored Bulgaria ministry focuses on making inroads into the problems of prostitution and sex trafficking in Bulgaria, through ministering directly to those involved and creating educational programs to help stop the younger generation from getting involved before they begin.

Initiatives include programs focusing on awareness of sexual and physical abuse, after school education programs to help children who may be falling behind, and building relationships with children, parents, and village leaders to identify problem areas and address them in their infancy. One avenue for this venture are the Hope Centers, where their staff of educators works directly with children to provide supplemental education for the poorest children, many of whom are fed at the centers as well. Many children are from Roma areas where their primary language is not Bulgarian, and as a result, are falling behind in school. As everyone knows, education is the key to escaping the cycle of poverty that is endemic to certain regions.

Cornett Ministries has been running a summer camp for children that focuses on Biblical education and fellowship for 11 years. Camp is free for all campers. Children are brought in on a bus each day, fed two hearty meals, and spend their days singing songs, dancing, learning about the Bible, doing crafts, and swimming. At the end of each week of camp, children are given the option for Baptism if they have accepted Christ into their lives during camp. Dove Broadcasting and its viewers have had the opportunity to support this camp for two years, raising thousands of dollars to support this worthwhile and lasting ministry that is continuing to grow. Thank you for all your support… you will never know how many lives you have touched by donating.