Nite Line – Thursday, July 25, 2019:  Mary Sloan, Toni Suchka

Join Mary Sloan and Toni Suchka as they welcome Pastor Caleb and Ashley Howard to share about Revival Awakening Ministries International.  Stephanie Burns and her daughter, Ansley, discuss Ansley’s recent appearance on America’s Got Talent.  Reverend Matt Crebbin, the senior pastor of Newtown Congregational Church, shares his experience of being a spiritual leader in a community healing from the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  Reverend Crebbin also discusses Healing the Healers, a five-part film that provides support to spiritual leaders, first responders, and social workers who have experienced community-level trauma. This series also provides insight on how to minister to a community during times of distress.

Pastor Caleb and Ashley Howard

Pastor Matt Crebbin