Nite Line – Thursday, August 30, 2018 – Strength Healing

Join Mary Sloan and Toni Suchka on Nite Line for a Strength Healing Healthy Living Show with Vanessa Rose Valero, an Arizonan guest via Skype!

While Vanessa Rose Valero is Skyping in from Arizona, she is a California native by birth and the proud daughter of a Chilean immigrant father and an Italian-American mother. Growing up, she won numerous titles in various beauty pageants, including both Miss Teen Christian America in 2004 and NAM Miss Arizona in 2009. During these pageants, she advocated on behalf of a wide variety of causes and issues, leading to her speaking alongside such political and business leaders as Laura Bush, Steve Forbes, and Colin Powell. After graduating Arizona State University, she became employed by Trinity Broadcasting Network as the Director of Public and Community Affairs. She develops, produces, and is featured on several of TBN’s original faith-based programs, including weekly appearances on Joy in Our Town, a half-hour broadcast dedicated to timely issues impacting Phoenix, Arizona. Additionally, she oversees the network’s extensive multi-platform outreach and philanthropic activities and serves in leadership positions on various charity boards. Tallied up, Vanessa dedicates hundreds of hours each year to volunteer work with numerous charities. She spends her non-volunteer free time with her husband, Michael Ryan Williams, and their three dogs: Sparkle, Ruby, and Rusty.

This evening, she shares with Mary and Toni her thoughts on Proverbs 31 and the woman it extols, her recipes for healthy and yummy food, and the “secrets” for how she remains fit and able throughout her incredible schedule. Tune in tonight to be inspired both bodily and spiritually!

Vanessa Rose Valero