TENT REVIVAL – Thursday, May 17, 2018 – Pastor Asa Dockery, Bev McCann

Dante Thompson’s good friend, Pastor Asa Dockery of World Harvest Church North, preaches the Word of the Lord on this evening of tent revival. God is glorified both through his preaching and through the musical ministry of Bev McCann.

In Pastor Asa Dockery’s own words: “I grew up playing in the mountains of North Georgia, but even way back then, I knew God’s calling was on my life. Though I was aware of my destiny to minister in some way, I can recall that I had developed an aversion to reading. My grades were always good in school, but the struggle to read and comprehend the subject was a hurdle that I couldn’t seem to overcome. Instead of realizing that there was a learning disorder and correcting it, I just got by until I graduated.

“Once school was behind me, reading wasn’t going to be an issue, or so I thought. In the fall of 1982, I met my future wife, Debbie. Approximately 12 years and 3 children later, the Lord began to burden us to move into our calling as a couple. It was during these years that we discovered that I struggled with dyslexia. One day, when we have the time, I will share my entire testimony. Had it not been for the Lord’s hand being on me, I would not have survived my first two years of life.

“One day, I was walking through our living room and the Lord spoke to my heart and said, “Go and read Isaiah 50.” It says, “The Lord GOD has given Me the tongue of the learned, that I should know how to speak a word in season to him who is weary.” NKJV

“Shortly after this encounter with the Lord, I was reading the Bible, though it was not my custom because of the dyslexia. As I was reading in Corinthians, the Lord spoke to me about a passage I had just read. The verse was, 1 Corinthians 8: 1, Knowledge puffs up, but love edifies. The Holy Spirit told me that knowledge pertains to our minds, but love pertains to the heart. The mind of man exalts self, but God deals with our hearts. He wants us to focus on the needs of others and not the promotion of self. This moment with the Lord was the beginning of the healing of my mind from the disorder of dyslexia.

“Soon the Lord opened the door for us to begin a home study group. And, over the years, as we stepped through each open door of ministry, the Lord expanded our reach. In 2001, we launched World Harvest Church North (WHCN). Just ten months later, we planted WHCN on our own property. The Lord placed media ministry on our hearts to be incorporated into the church’s vision as a way of communicating the message of the gospel to the nation and ultimately the world. Today, this ministry reaches into the nations of the world through television, internet, daily devotions, social network sites, etc. The sole purpose of the media ministry is to share with both America and the world the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are about discipleship, because our Lord commands the church to make disciples of nations. Join with us as we strive to fulfill God’s vision through the latest technologies. May the knowledge of God’s glory cover the earth as the waters cover the seas in our generation!”

Bev McCann is not only a singer, songwriter, Ordained Minister and Speaker, Bev is a leader in the Christian Country & Gospel Music industry. Moreover, she is a wife, mother of four children, Nine Grand Children soon to be ten..

Bev is thrilled that she has been nominated in the USAGEM Awards as a top five nominee for The Female Vocalist of the Year Award.

She has also been Nominated in the top 10 Female Vocalist of the Year in the Diamond Awards for several years. You can View some of Bev’s Videos on RFD Rural TV on the Brush Arbor Show, YouTube and Family Friendly Television shows,

Bev is on the Board of USAGEM and Music City Christian Fellowship organizations in the Nashville area. Bev participates in the Sunday Mornin’ Country show, taped live at the Grand Ole’ Opry House every year during CMA Week in Nashville TN.

Bev has enjoyed Singing and spreading the good news of Jesus Christ to thousands for over the past 20 years. You can find some of Bev’s articles on Absolutely Gospel’s website and other media outlets as well.

Watch tonight, take notes, worship the Lord, and be blessed!


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Pastor Asa Dockery www.whcnorth.org email@whcnorth.org

Bev McCann www.bevmccannandfriends.c