TENT REVIVAL – Friday, May 18, 2018 – Darrell McClaren, Harvest Time Praise Team

Gwen and Wade Hall are proud to wrap up this first week of live tent revival with special friends of WGGS, Pastor Darrell McClaren and his wife Sandy! They both preach and praise throughout the revival night.

In 1993, after traveling for 24 years as an evangelist, the Lord spoke to our Pastor, Darrell McClaren, that it was time to settle down and assume the position of a pastor in Asheville, N.C. which is his home town. At the time he was pastorinng on the Outer Banks in Avon, NC, where he had been for almost two years.

In 1995, the doors opened for Pastor Darrell and his wife Sandy to start a pioneer work in Asheville. They found a storefront in a small strip-mall in the north part of Asheville. On Aug. 27, 1995 the first service of Harvest Time was held. Within four months, the congregation had to move to a larger building in the same mall.

Pastor Darrell’s father and mother (Boyd and Virgina McClaren), pastored in Asheville for 38 years. Due to health problems, his father had to retire and his congregation and associate pastor moved across town. After his retirement, Boyd McClaren called to offer Harvest Time Assembly the church building and property where he had pastored at 225 Summit St.

In December of 1998, Harvest Time started it’s third phase at our present location. We praise God for all the wonderful things that God has blessed us with and we are so excited to see the plans He has for us tomorrow. We know they will be above and beyond our comprehension.

Join the body of Christ tonight as revival breaks out, and be sure to tune back in next week as it continues!

Guest Contact Information:

Pastor Darrell and Sandy McClaren www.harvesttimeag.com