Nite Line – Thursday, May 10, 2018 – Joanne Brillant, Jami Crisman, and Sabrina Davidson

This evening on Nite Line Live with Mary and Toni, Mary Sloan and Toni Suchka welcome Joanne Brillant, Jami Crisman, and Sabrina Davidson to the program.

Joanne Brilliant has spent the past forty years studying many forms of dance:  ballet, jazz, tap, modern, interpretative, and even Hebrew folk dance! Throughout this time, she has used her dance to express her love for the Lord in worship and in ministry.  She has traveled length of the eastern seaboard conducting workshops and conferences, releasing people to dance for the Lord wherever they may be. After a three-year engagement teaching for the Genesis Project in Greenville, South Carolina, she set out to found the Master’s School for creative Arts in 2006.  Since that time, she has taught through her organization, as well as led the dance and flag team at Bridgeway Church and co-founded the Worship Dancers Alliance.

Jami Crisman is both a graduate of Gardner Webb University with a degree in Social Science and also a graduate of Clemson University with a Masters of Education in Counseling.  An avid dancer for over thirty-six years, she has taught worship dance in various capacities throughout the past sixteen years, including as a member of a traveling dance and drama group, as the director of Hosanna Dance for the City of Greer, and as a teacher with the Master’s School of Creative Arts.  Along with Joanne Brilliant, she co-founded the Worship Dancers Alliance. In her non-dancing time, she serves as a counselor at Sevier Middle School in Greenville, South Carolina.

Sabrina Davidson is a youth leader in Simpsonville, South Carolina, as well as a mime!  She proves through her talents that one need not speak to spread the love and joy of the Lord.

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