Nite Line – Monday, May 7, 2018 – Bishop Jeremiah Kibobi Apollo of Kenya, Karl Gessler Band

Dante Thompson has returned from the Philippines! Not only that, but he is eager to interview Bishop Jeremiah Kibobi Apollo and returning guest, Karl Gessler, tonight on his first night back on Nite Line.

Bishop Jeremiah Kibobi Apollo’s life was impacted as a child by a prophecy given to him. Led by God, he entered the Anglican Church as a priest and served the Lord dutifully in that role. After several years, the Lord called him to leave his position within the church to oversee a magnet school. It is in this capacity that Jeremiah now serves and ministers to his fellow Kenyans.

Karl Gessler is no stranger to the viewing audience; since his premiere appearance on Nite Line a little under a year ago, he has already returned three times to minister and bless the audience. He and his family band – the Karl Gessler Band, also known tongue-in-cheek as the KGB – do not seek fame or riches, they only seek to be effective in promoting and proclaiming the Gospel. Always willing to provide an excellent concert experience to the unreached and poor, they often go without earthly payment for their services. The Lord, however sees that which is done in secret and rewards them richly.

Tune in tonight and welcome Dante back stateside, as well as the bishop and Karl!

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Bishop Jeremiah Kibobi Apollo

Karl Gessler