Nite Line – Tuesday, May 1, 2018 – The ABCs of Bible Heroes and Heroines, Raise The Praise Children’s Choir

Join Pastor Benny Littlejohn, the retired pastor of Eastlan Baptist Church and host of the program Pastor Benny Presents as he interviews Peggy Shaw and Cecil Ringer on Nite Line!

At sixty-nine, Peggy Shaw may be retired, but she is hardly complacent. A teacher for many years, she still has a special love for children, as well as a spiritual gift that enables her to teach them well. To continue in her calling, she has now authored a children’s book with the hope that it will present the 143 Bible characters in such a way as to display God’s extraordinary personal plans for ordinary boys and girls if they will but heed Him and his will. Not only that, but the income generated from this book is dedicated to Connie Maxwell Children’s Home!

Cecil Ringer is the creater and coordinator of The Raise The Praise Children’s choir, which welcomes children from Lyman Elementary School and Beech Springs Intermediate School every Tuesday to be a part of the magic of music. It is through this incredible outreach that he and his wife are able to reach dozens of children every semester. Tonight he shares about their upcoming musical It’s Cool in the Furnace!

For an evening dedicated to the spark of childhood that remains within us all, look no further than Nite Line!

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Peggy Shaw

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