Nite Line – Tuesday, April 24, 2018 – Awaken Ministry, Put Down The Guns Now Young People, Kimber Henry, Brittany Murray,

Tonight, Wally and Rhonda Odom of New Beginning Ministries welcome Joyce McGuire and Barry Thompson, Jack Logan, and Brittany Murray and Ja’Kobe Ryant to Nite Line, as well as very special music guest Kimber Henry!

Joyce McGuire, chaplain and hostess with Rock of Ages Outreach Ministries, and Prophet Barry Thompson, main overseer of the Awaken Team, are joining together to change the world through their Awaken Ministry! Together, they hope to ignite an awakening revolution within this great nation and rebuild the spiritual infrastructure of these United States. This evening on Nite Line, they shall unveil their plans to impact one city after another with prayer rallies and Awaken Leadership Conferences – conferences which are dedicated to crossing denomination lines and unifying the body of Christ as one ecumenical body.

Jack Logan, the founder of the award-winning organization Put Down The Guns Now Young People, was not interested in becoming involved in the struggle to end gun violence until the death of his friend. Since then, he and his organization have been recognized in The Statehouse of South Carolina for their tireless work in the entire state. Put Down the Guns Now Young People has also been honored by the Greenville City Council, The Greenville County Council, and the Greenwood County Council, in addition to having been one of three finalists to win the Max Heller Community Award in 2013.

Brittany Elizabeth Murray gave birth to her firstborn, Ja’Kobe Ryant, while a junior in college. It was his arrival in her life that prompted her to turn to God and receive Christ into her heart. Six years later, while sitting at her dining room table working on her own book, Ja’Kobe gave his mother a story of his own. She jotted down some notes, and soon after, they began to collaborate on the story. The finished product, a book for young readers entitled Nicky Brainstorm, teaches children to conquer their fears through the discovery of the Holy Spirit and their own innate strength and power.

Kimber Henry originally hails from Abbeville, South Carolina, but now resides in Greenville, South Carolina. Three years after her birth, she required ventricular septal defect repair surgery – a nerve-wracking procedure for her parents, but God saw her through it. Since that time, she has attended North Greenville University, graduating in 2017 with a degree in broadcast media, and joined the WGGS-TV family as a crew member. In her spare time, she loves to worship the Lord using her vocal range, piano, guitar, and ukulele. Not content to merely sing others songs for the Lord, she also writes her own music and plans to release her own CD someday soon. You will assuredly be blessed by her gentle and yet tenacious love of the Lord. This is one Nite Line you will definitely not want to miss!

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