Nite Line – Thursday, April 26, 2018 – Randall & Darlene Atkins, Dr. John Polis, Kim Polis

Join Mary Sloan and her sister Narvis Hart on Nite Line Live with Mary and Toni as they interview Pastors Randall and Darlene Atkins, Dr. John Polis, and Kim Polis.

Pastors Randall and Darlene Atkins are members of the Dove Broadcasting roster of Nite Line hosts as well as the founders of Street Church Ministries, which was launched in October of 2009! Pastor Darlene started the ministry with her husband after over thirty years of traveling in evangelistic and pastoral ministry and a three-year cancer battle that took her all the way to death’s door and back. Together this husband and wife team has provided church services each Sunday evening at 5:30 for nearly a decade in the downtown Greenville area. Tonight they share from their journeys, as well as lead the viewing audience in worship and adoration of our Lord and Savior.

Dr. John Polis came to know Christ and was filled with the Holy Spirit during the Jesus Movement in 1974. After that defining moment in his life, he attended Dayton Bible College and received a bachelor’s degree in Biblical studies in 1980, at which time he became the pastor of a Pentecostal church in West Virginia.

It was in 1983 though that John had an encounter that led him to begin traveling as an evangelist and international Bible teacher. Among his many accomplishments, one of the most prominent was the establishment of Eldoret Bible College in Kenya in 1998 and which has graduated over 1,100 students. The graduates have planted over 500 churches to date – some with weekly attendance of more than 5,000 people! John also has been a television and radio broadcast host for more than thirty years and has authored eleven books, which have been translated into six languages.

He and his wife, Rebecca, have many spiritual sons and daughters through their Revival Fellowship International. In addition to all this, Dr. John serves on the Council of Elders in the International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders. He and his son, Kim, unite this evening on Nite Line to share God’s power and prompting with the viewing audience.

Be sure to join Mary and Narvis for an evening dedicated to the Lord.

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