Nite Line – Monday, April 23, 2018 – Dr David West

On Nite Line this evening, Dante Thompson is joined by good friend and co-host Pastor Benny Littlejohn for a follow-up interview with Dr. David West, the author of The Leadership Pyramid: Ten Essential Elements of Effective Leadership for Every Pastor.

Dr. William D. West, better known as David, started his journey with God in Charleston, South Carolina. From there he traveled to the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary to receive his Master of Divinity and to Regent University’s School of Business and Leadership to receive his PhD in organizational leadership with a major in Ecclesial leadership. In addition to these major accreditation, he also has been ordained and endorsed through the Southern Baptist Convention. Dr. David West has also given thirty-five years in service to his country and to his God in military service, culminating in his role as the Deputy Command Chaplain with the United States Central Command.

It was in this position that he was responsible for the religious care of 2.5 million service men and women throughout the Middle East and within the two combat zones of Iraq and Afghanistan. Following his promotion to colonel, he also served as the Command Chaplain with the United States Special Operations Command Central, thus providing religious support to all the special operations forces throughout twenty-seven countries – including Iraq and Afghanistan!

Currently, Dr. West splits his time between the South Carolina Baptist Convention – where he helps provide the Band of Brothers training events to pastors and educating them in leadership skills – and Anderson University, Columbia International University, Southern Wesleyan University, and Regent University – each of which is proud to have him as an adjunct professor. Join Dante and Pastor Benny tonight as they learn from Dr. David West.

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