The Faith Zone

9:30 AM Sundays

Pastor Leon A. Cromartie is the founder of Overcoming Faith Ministries in Fayetteville, North Carolina where he teaches those in fellowship how to develop their Faith. By the Blood and the Name of Jesus many have received healing and restoration to the Glory of God! Pastor Cromartie is a native of Bladen County. After completing high school, he furthered his education at Livingstone College and Hood Theological Seminary. Early in life, he grew strong in the Word, but his spiritual development accelerated when he encountered the message of Faith by his mentor, Kenneth Hagin, Sr. Pastor Cromartie is a strong believer in defending the integrity of the Word of God by a life that produces results by faith, which has propelled him to travel across the United States and abroad speaking a consistent message of faith and confidence in God’s ability to do what His Word promises. Pastor Cromartie is an out outstanding teacher and educator who encourages hearers of the Word to always ask questions so they get a complete understanding of what is being taught. Additionally, He is an entrepreneur and executive with a keen understanding of wealth and its role in the mission and marketplace.  Pastor Cromartie focuses on training and mentoring people to have a successful walk of faith in every area of their life. He currently hosts a weekly Faith Bootcamp Teleconference on Tuesday evening to help believers understand the mechanics of Faith and develop the measure of Faith that God has been given to them.  

The Faith Zone is a television broadcast designed to assist believers in being effective using their faith to overcome every obstacle they face in life. Pastor Cromartie shares from the Word of God and interviews his brothers and sisters in Christ concerning the evidence of God’s Word working in their lives.