WGGS 16.2 Program Schedule for May 7-13, 2017

Midnight Paid Programming The Ray Lucia Show Perry Mason The Dakotas Frontier Doctor Tate The Virginian
12:30 Paid Programming Paid Programming State Trooper
1:00 Radiant TV Money TV Paid Programming Radiant TV
1:30 Paid Programming Paid Programming
2:00 Movie: "Touched By Grace" (2014) TV 57 Library Movie: "The Great Dan Patch" (1949) TV 57 Library Movie: "Royal Wedding" -1951 TV %& Library Movie: "Our Town" -1940 TV 57 Library Movie: "Lassie’s Great Adventure" (’63) TV 57 Library Movie: "Four in a Jeep" -1951 TV 57 Library Movie: "Beyond Acceptance" (2011) TV 57 Library
4:00 Radiant TV The Bucket Strategy Radiant TV
5:30 Green Economy Paid Programming Money TV Paid Programming Business Rockstars
6:00 Down Home Financial Issues with Dan Celia
6:30 By The Book Paid Programming
7:00 Just Keep Singing Life Today with James Robison Mike’s Insp. Station
7:30 Southern Glory Precepts for Life with Kay Arthur Pahappahooey Island
8:00 The Temple Hour with J. Thompson Radiant TV Bugs Bunny
8:30 Paid Programming Dr. Wonders
9:00 Down Home Rise Up Sessions Josh and Ashley McDougall MD Music City Gospel with Don Frost Gospel Bill
9:30 Gospel On The Move Magnify Talk with Audrey Scaly Adventures
10:00 Spirit of Life On Call TV Veggie Tales
10:30 Creation/21st Cent. Social Security Show
Health Matters with Dr. Larry Santora
Paid Programming Wild Wonders
11:00 Gaither Homecoming Your Health with Dr. Richard and Cindy Becker Think Big
11:30 Aqua Kids
Noon Texas Country Gospel Southern Glory
FFE Presents Gospel Music
Sneed Family Walking Wild
12:30 Paid Programming

Music Home Talk USA
1:00 FFE Presents Gospel Music Gospel Music USA Gospel Music My Gospel Music Harmony Road Enjoying Life Hiring America
1:30 Great Am. Gospel Southern Style Paid Programming Southern Glory Paid Programming Classic Car Garage
2:00 Gospel Music Southern Style FFE Presents Gospel Music Nash. Country Revival
2:30 Enjoying Life
3:00 My Gospel Music The Balancing Act Just Keep Singing
3:30 Nash. Country Revival Fixing the Money Thing Cheyenne Country
4:00 Laverne Tripp High Chapparal Bat Masterson Cinarron Strip Christy Sutherland
4:30 Josh and Ashley Paid Programming Gospel Music USA
5:00 Just Keep Singing White Fang Dragnet Southern Glory
5:30 Paid Programming White Fang Racket Squad 26 Men Four Star Playhouse Northwest Passage Josh and Ashley
6:00 Christy Sutherland Paid Programming State Trooper The Lucy Show Harmony Road
6:30 Paid Programming Make Room/Daddy Stories of the Century Date with the Angels Paid Programming
7:00 Gaither Password Ozzie and Harriet Password The Rifleman
7:30 Homecoming You Bet Your Life My Little Margie What’s My Line? Gunsmoke
8:00 Great Am. Gospel Dragnet Beverly Hillbillies Voyagers Bat Masterson
8:30 Southern Glory Racket Squad Love That Bob I Married Joan Dick Van Dyke
9:00 Texas Country Gospel Studio One: The Invisible Man White Fang The Riverboat
9:30 Little Women The Westerner White Fang
10:00 Sneed Family Music The Riverboat The Rifleman Perry Mason Here Come the Brides
10:30 Gunsmoke
11:00 Jesus Connection Logan’s Run High Chapparal Jack Benny Bat Masterson Studio One: Little Women The Dakotas
11:30 Magnify Jack Benny Paid Programming

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